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There are 3 reasons why you are asked to enter your body fat into Carbon Diet Coach.

  1. It is used to calculate your initial calorie and macro calculation.

  2. It allows Carbon to detect significant changes in body fat and adjust macros accordingly.

  3. It allows you to keep track of your progress!

Calculating your initial calories and macro targets

When setting up your first goal, the coach will ask if you know your body fat percentage.

  • If you know it, select yes and enter your value.

  • If you don't know it, select no and the coach will ask for your waist measurement. This will only be asked during your first-ever goal creation.

Asking for your body fat helps the coach find your lean body mass (LBM) to estimate your calorie needs and give an accurate protein recommendation. After your initial goal is created, it is optional to enter your body fat each week.

Detecting significant changes in body fat

Weight loss goal:

If you don't lose enough weight at check-in but you lose a significant amount of body fat, the coach will keep your macros the same as it appears you are progressing nicely.

Weight gain goal:

If you don't gain at the rate you set at check-in but you gained a significant amount of lean body mass, the coach will keep your macros the same as it appears they are progressing nicely.

Keeping track of your progress

To see your body fat progress over time, go to the Me tab and select Body Fat. From there, you can view your body fat changes by week, month, or year.

Ways to enter body fat

Now that you know why body fat is asked and its importance. There are multiple ways to enter body fat % into Carbon.

  1. During your weekly check-in (optional)

  2. Tapping the floating menu button in the bottom right corner of the diary tab and selecting "add weight."

  3. Tapping the coach tab and selecting the "add weight" button.

  4. Tapping the me tab, selecting the body fat, tapping the grey history button in the top right corner, and tapping add.

  5. Integrating Apple Health to pull your body fat.

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