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Which database entry should I choose?
Which database entry should I choose?
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When searching for foods, you may run into the issue of multiple entries for the food you want to track or not finding any results.

Not getting any results

If you can't find any results when searching for a food, you can do the following:

  • Confirm you don't have any typos in the food name

  • Try different ways to search for it. For example, search by brand name, or key terms in its name, or try scanning the barcode if there is one.

  • Create a custom food and provide the nutrition information. Once you do this, you will have it saved for future use.

If you want to learn more about how to create a custom food, please see our article on Creating Foods.

Not sure what to pick

For example, let's say you want to track uncooked chicken breast. If you search "chicken breast," you will get these results:

At first glance, most of the results look like good candidates to track. We recognize how this can be confusing. Choose one that most similarly aligns with the food you are trying to track. If multiple entries align, we recommend choosing one and consistently using this entry in the future.

So, what happens if the one you choose has been wrong all along?

  • If it's a food you eat regularly, it isn't a big deal. Since you have been tracking it the same way consistently, your progress is likely not impacted. You can keep tracking it as you have or change it to the correct entry.

  • If it's a food you eat here and there, change to the more accurate one, start using that entry moving forward, and don't focus on the past. Focus on your progress moving forward.

Recent foods

To help track entries consistently, the app saves your entries under the "recents" tab. To access your recent foods go to the diary tab, tap the blue "+" icon, and tap "recent food."

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