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Looking for a food and can't seem to find it in the food database? Carbon has you covered with the create food feature! Once you create a food using this feature, your input is saved to your account for future use and ease.

How to access the create food feature

There are two places in the app to access the create food feature.

  1. Tapping the floating menu button in the bottom right corner of the diary tab and selecting "Create Food."

  2. Tapping the blue "+" sign, like you would to add any food into your diary, then tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting "Create Food."

How to create a food

  1. Name the food

  2. Add the brand name (optional)

  3. Choose the serving amount

  4. Choose the serving description

  5. Enter the nutrition information by:

    1. Only entering the calories in "Calories (label)"

    2. Enter the macros and Carbon calculate the calories (click here to learn more about our macro calories feature)

6 (optional): Input other nutritional information (ex: trans fat, fiber, sugar, vitamin A, etc.)

7: Click "create" in the top right corner

Once you have finished creating your food, Carbon will ask if you wish to add this food to your diary. To add it right then, select yes. If you choose not to, you can find the newly created food by tapping the blue "+" sign on the diary tab and selecting the "My Foods" section.

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