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Trend weight is currently an experimental feature that you must explicitly enable. To enable this experimental feature, please visit Settings -> Experimental and switch on the "Coach Trend Weight" toggle.

What is trend weight?

This feature is an overhaul of our coaching algorithm, which adjusts your macro targets at each check-in. The new trend weight algorithm determines your "true" weight at any given time so that the coach can more accurately adjust your macros over time. You no longer need to worry about weight fluctuations that cause unnecessarily large calorie and macro adjustments because the coach is constantly determining your trend weight and using that.

Even though this significantly reduces potential issues around weight fluctuations, it's still important to weigh frequently. The app can only work with the data it's provided, so the more you enter your weight, the more accurate the trend weight estimations will become. Just like how the coach fine-tunes your macros over time to find exactly what you need to eat to see the progress you want, the trend weight algorithm gets more accurate over time the more data you feed it.

Ultimately, you can expect much better macro coaching adjustments and targets to help you reach your goal as effectively as possible!

How does it work?

Trend weight is a proprietary algorithm based on multiple techniques and statistical methods to determine your trend weight at any given time. It's tailored to each user because it learns your body and how it experiences weight fluctuations over time. What happens is we pipe in all of your raw weight values since the beginning of your app use, and it spits out trend weight values for each day. You can think of these weights as what your weight would be if you had zero weight fluctuations.

It's important to note that this is fluid and ever-changing. So if you enter a new weight, the app will recalculate every single day since you started based on this new data. It differs from weekly averages because weekly averages are just a snapshot in time, while trend weight is a fluid and ever-changing prediction.

What does it affect

The largest change from trend weight is what we discussed above, but a few other places within the app will be slightly different.

  1. Check-ins and check-in history

  2. Coach tab progress display

  3. Me tab weight graphs

Caveats and things to note

Due to trend weight being fluid and ever-changing based on all of your weight data, previous values will be updated as you give the app more data. So if you go back and look at your trend weight from a week ago, it could be different. This is because the app has more data to know what your weight actually was at that point in time. Please note this may cause some places to get out of sync if you are comparing weights. For example, if you compare the check-in history pages with what is shown on the weight graphs, you may notice different values. This is because one is fluid and ever-changing (trend weight), while the other is a snapshot at that point in time (check-in history pages).

Providing feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on this experimental feature, please visit Settings > Experimental and tap the "Submit Feedback" text button. Be sure to select the appropriate feature and submit your feedback. This will help us prioritize improvements and fix any issues you experience with it.

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