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Why won't the calorie planner adjust?
Why won't the calorie planner adjust?
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There are two scenarios where the app will not allow you to adjust the calorie planner.

Scenario #1 Your current check-in period is greater than 7 days

The calorie planner only works in 7-day increments. If you are beyond 7 days in your current check-in period, you will need to check in again before using the calorie planner to make sure you have updated macro targets.

If you decide not to check in yet, we recommend you eat the default macro targets from the coach to make sure that you stay on track with your weekly average until you check-in.

Scenario #2 You have reached the calorie floor

There is a certain level of calories that we don't recommend going below for health reasons. This amount is different for everyone and is based on the amount of Lean Body Mass you have. Most people will never reach this point, but the coach will let you know if you do. It will also suggest you change your goal to reverse dieting to help build your metabolism and avoid the calorie floor in the future.

If you desire to continue at the calorie floor, we recommend you eat the same macro targets every day to avoid any given day from being too low.

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