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Does Carbon offer meal plans?
Does Carbon offer meal plans?
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We often get asked if we supply meal plans as part of your Carbon subscription. If you are reading this article hoping we do, we are sorry to say, this is not the case. Carbon is built off the concept of Flexible Dieting. Flexible dieting typically doesn't involve meal plans.

What is flexible dieting?

Flexible dieting is an approach that provides macronutrient targets while allowing you to choose the foods you enjoy to reach those targets. To learn more about flexible dieting, click here.

What are meal plans?

Meal plans are restrictive plans that give you set foods to eat at each meal. So why do we shy people away from meal plans?

  • They do not allow any flexibility.

  • They are not sustainable.

  • They make eating out basically impossible.

  • They don't teach you healthy eating habits

  • They make it very difficult to stay on track with your goals when the unexpected happens, like an event.

As you can see, meal plans are not the best approach to reach your goals. We want to allow our members to develop healthy eating habits, learn how the foods they are consuming impact them, and make it a lifestyle, not just a way to reach your dieting goal.

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