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How do I use the coach after taking some time off?
How do I use the coach after taking some time off?
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If you have been away from using Carbon Diet Coach for a while, here is what we recommend doing to get you back on track!

Took a break longer than 2-3 weeks?

If this is you, we recommend you create a new goal. Since you haven't check-in for a while, there is a chance your metabolism has changed. When creating your new goal, the coach will ask you, "How would you like to calculate your new target?" it is best to select calculate new. Here is an article explaining creating a new goal WITHOUT resetting the coach.

Took a break less than 14 days?

If your break from Carbon has been less than 14 days, we would recommend getting back on track with the macros that the coach currently has you set at! Do not worry about having to change your current goal.

Important note: do not reset the coach

We would strongly recommend against resetting the coach. Creating a new goal with a new metabolism will get you back on track using Carbon. If you have old weigh-ins in the app, maintenance calorie data, coaching data, etc., this will be erased if you reset the coach. The support team will not retrieve this data once it is deleted.

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