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What should I do if I start taking creatine?
What should I do if I start taking creatine?
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Creatine is one of the most popular, widely studied, and effective supplements on the market. Creatine can increase lean body mass, improve performance in the gym, and help with muscle recovery, amongst other benefits. Because of this, we recommend creatine supplementation for our members. But, some things need to be taken into account when starting to use creatine while using Carbon.

How creatine works

One of the main ways creatine works is by increasing muscle hydration and pulling water into our muscle cells. Water, of course, has weight. So, when someone starts taking creatine, their weight tends to increase by a couple of pounds. Some people may even experience weight increases of 5+ pounds.

Creatine and Carbon

Since people experience an increase in weight, it can affect your weekly adjustment by the coach. Here is what we recommend.

When you start taking creatine, hold off on completing your weekly check-in until your weight begins to stabilize, the increase in weight slows down, or your weight goes back to normal. This likely will only take 1-2 weeks. During that time, continue to stick to your current macros.

If your weight increases and does not fall back close to your pre-creatine weight, we recommend changing your goal. The reason for this is to have a goal that reflects your “new” consistent weight. To learn more about changing your goal in Carbon, click here!

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