What does this mean?

Many wearable fitness trackers on the market will estimate the number of calories that you have expended (burned) while exercising. Some apps will take this information and subtract it from the calories you have consumed during the day and input it into your diary. This is called “eating back” calories from exercise.

Should you subtract (eat back) calories burned from exercise?

No. We do NOT recommend subtracting or eating back calories burned from exercise while using Carbon Diet Coach. If you subtract calories burned from exercise, the coaching system will not work correctly and cause you to overeat in calories.

Unfortunately, many fitness trackers are extremely inaccurate regarding their calorie burned counts. If the activity trackers over-estimate your calorie burn, this can cause you to overeat calories.

Carbon takes into account any exercise you are doing by manipulating your macros to reach the desired rate of progress each week. As long as you are hitting your macro targets and checking into the app regularly, it will adjust to find exactly where you need to eat to progress.

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