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My macros don’t seem right, what should I do?
My macros don’t seem right, what should I do?
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Carbon Diet Coach takes into account many different variables when determining your nutrition needs. If you think something is wrong, first confirm that you have entered the correct information. If you have entered the correct information and they still seem off, please create a support ticket here:

Initial macro targets don’t seem right

Typically there are a few reasons you received the calories you did and most likely it isn’t because of the coach.

  1. If your weight loss goal is aggressive or even moderately aggressive, you may not reach it while eating a bunch of food. There's no magic diet that allows you to get ripped while eating everything you want. The more aggressive the rate of loss, the more aggressive you will have to be with your diet. If you wish to change your goal to be more sustainable, read the article: How to Change To a Weight Loss Goal.

  2. If you have a sedentary or lightly active lifestyle and only do light or moderate workouts, you will likely get lower calories. If you want more calories, increase your daily activity and exercise and the coach will increase your calories to accommodate.

  3. This is possibly the most important. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Like any coach, time is needed to get to know each other. If the coach sets your calories too low at the start, you lose weight faster than expected, the coach will increase your calories, so you hit the correct rate of loss.

The last piece of knowledge we will share is don't start changing your goals to find the macros to what you WANT. If you hired a coach and they formulated a plan for you, would you try to dictate what you want to eat? Likely not.

Carbon is a COACHING app. Let it do its job. We promise within a few check-ins, it will have you dialed in.

Weekly adjustment to macros don’t seem right

Here are some common reasons that we see large fluctuations in calorie/macro targets during weekly check-in

  • Incorrect body weight entry

  • Incorrect body fat entry

  • Multiple goal changes in a short time period

  • Significant weight changes during the week

  • Only weighing in once per week

If you have any concerns about your macros that we have not covered here, reach out to Carbon support. We are here to help!

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