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Display Preferences is where you will be able to choose:

  1. Weight unit

  2. Energy unit

  3. Energy display

  4. Theme display

To access the display preferences feature, go to settings -> Display Preferences.

Weight unit

Carbon gives you the option of tracking your weight in either:

  • Pounds

  • Kilograms

You can change this unit anytime regardless of which option you choose during sign-up.

Energy unit

Carbon gives you the option to track your energy in either:

  • Calories

  • Kilojoules

Energy display

Carbon gives you the option to track your food entries in either:

  • Label calories

  • Macro calories

Label Calories are, as it sounds, the number of calories that you see when you look at the food label on any product. The problem with this is that food labels allow rounding their calorie amounts. This can be rather annoying when adding up multiple foods in the diary. To combat this, we have created our Macro Calories feature. To learn more about the macro calories feature, click here!

Theme display

  • Light mode

  • Dark mode

  • System default

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