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Diet preferences allow you to fit Carbon into your lifestyle and way of eating. We currently support 5 options:

  1. Balanced (recommended): a pretty even split between carb and fat calories

  2. Reduced-carb: lower ratio of carb calories in comparison to fat

  3. Low-fat: lower fat calories in comparison to carbs

  4. Plant-based: slightly lower protein and slightly higher carb

  5. Ketogenic: slightly lower protein, low carb, and high fat

Each has unique macro ratios to align with the diet type. You even have the option to fine-tune those ratios to your liking! For example, if you struggle to hit your protein or feel it's too low, you can use this feature to adjust it by visiting Settings -> Diet Preferences.

If you lower one of the macros with the slider, the other macros will increase to make up those calories. No matter how you adjust the diet preference sliders, it will always make sure you are hitting the same total calories, which is most important for success!

It's important to know that there is nothing magic about these diet types. With protein and calories equated, you will get the same results as you would on any other diet preferences, even with Ketogenic and Plant-based because they are still sufficient in protein. This setting is strictly there to choose the ratios that most closely match the foods you like to eat.

Once set, the coach will make diet adjustments with this in mind and make sure the macro ratios stay in line as it adjusts your calories! You will see increases or decreases in carbs and fat in the ratio of your diet preference setting as the coach adjusts your diet.

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