Did you know that Carbon actually has TWO quick add features?

Quick add feature

There are a few reasons someone uses this feature.

  1. Quickly add food you don't want to take the time to create a new food or recipe for.

  2. If you use a different tracking app and want to input the total macros eaten for the day to see still compliance at check-in.

  3. Quickly add the macros to track alcohol. You can learn more about how to track alcohol here.

All you have to do is give the entry a name, enter the macros, and add it to your diary. From there, Carbon will automatically calculate the calories for you. It's that simple!

To use the quick add feature, tap the 3 small gray circles on the meal you want to add to > select "quick add," > enter the macros, and hit Add To Diary.

Quick add swipe feature

This feature can make your day-to-day tracking a lot easier and faster! To use this feature, go to the diary tab of the app > tap the + sign > instead of clicking on the entry and selecting "add food," swipe right across your screen on the entry. That food will automatically get added to your diary! You can do this on the recent, my foods, recipes tabs or when searching for food.

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