Much like your weekly compliance at check-in, now you can see where you stand with compliance at any time throughout the week!

How to view current compliance

To view this feature, go to the “Coach” tab of the app, at the top of the screen (where you see your current goal and goal weight), swipe to the third screen named “Current Compliance.” Here you will see your tracked averages for calories, protein, carbs, and fat. No more not knowing where you stand in terms of being compliant during the week.

How does current compliance work?

How does it work? Depending on the number of days you are at in your check-in period, it will function a little differently. It needs to do this because we don’t know exactly when you will decide to check in.

Looking at it on days 1-4

Your check-in day is day 1 of your next check-in period. That day shouldn’t be included in the compliance calculation because next week’s compliance calculation will include it. Looking at it on days 1-4 Current Compliance will take all the nutrition info entered into your dairy and divide it by the number of days you are at (including the current day). If you don’t have anything entered or have an incomplete day, it will throw your averages off until that day is fully tracked.

Looking at it on days 5+

This is when the Current Compliance screen will show an “Include Today” toggle switch. The reason this switch is included is that some people may be checking in on day 5 while others are not. If it’s day 5+ and you plan to check in, you should make sure to NOT enable the include today toggle because it would be day 1 of your next check in period. If you are not checking in yet, turn the toggle on so it includes the current day's tracking.

We hope this helps ensure members are making the most out of their Carbon experience and given every opportunity to achieve weekly compliance. As we say, compliance is science!

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