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Using the Calorie Planner
Using the Calorie Planner
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What is the Calorie Planner?

The Calorie Planner is a tool that allows you to adjust your daily macro/calorie targets to adjust your week when unforeseen things come up, to plan ahead for a special event, or to align with your specific training schedule. Why is this helpful? Staying on track for weekly target averages is just as effective as staying on track from day to day!

Where to find the Calorie Planner

The Calorie Planner is located on your diary tab. You will find a button labeled "Planner,โ€ and if you have adjusted it, you will see a +/- with a percentage next to it to note how far above or below your daily average target you are on that day.

How to use the Calorie Planner

We recommend that as each day of the week passes, you lock that day in the planner so that you don't accidentally adjust a day that has already passed. Be sure to hit save after making any adjustment to lock them in.

By default, the Calorie Planner will start all 7 days with the same macro targets. Once in the planner, you will see a "bar" for each day of the week showing your macro targets for that day.

  • Select the day you want to adjust by tapping on the bar.

  • Lock the days you don't want to change.

  • Keep the days you want to change unlocked.

  • Use the input box or slider to set the calories you consumed or plan to consume.

The calorie planner will distribute the calories evenly across all unlocked days.

Note: The planner keeps your +/- preferences week to week. Make sure to reset your adjustments if you don't want the same preference each week. You can reset your adjustments by selecting "reset days" just above the calorie slider.

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