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The weekly check-in is one of the most important parts of your journey with Carbon. This is where the app analyzes your macros, metabolism, and your weights for the week and makes your weekly macro and calorie adjustments that keep you progressing towards your goal. That being said, since this process is so important, let's walk through the steps of checking in!

When it's time to check-in, the coach will ask you three questions.

1. Were you compliant with your macros?

The coach will provide your weekly compliance ranges for calories, protein, carbs, and fat along with your tracked averages to see if you are compliant or not.

If you use a different tracking app, you will see your compliance ranges, but you will need to make sure you are within that range to be compliant.

2. What's your body weight, body fat (optional), and was your weight affected by your period if you are a female.

When you check in, make sure to enter your weight that day. From there, the app will average all your weight entries for that week.

3. Does the data you entered look right?

This screen is where you can look over everything you've entered to make sure it's correct. If you accidentally mistyped something or chose the wrong entry, you can go back and edit before you hit complete check-in. If you find you made a mistake, reach out to support for help.

Once you complete those three steps, the coach will analyze your macros, metabolism, and your weight and provide macro adjustments, if applicable.

Can you check-in early/late?

You can check in two days early if you need to. There are no benefits to early check-in, but it's there for when you know you can't on your set day. For example, you are going away for the weekend and don't have access to a body weight scale.

If your period between check-ins is longer than 14 days, you can check in late. The app will not make any adjustments, and your macros/calories will remain the same until your next check-in.

How to change check-in day

Changing your check-in day is easy! You can do this by going to settings -> coach settings -> change check in day. Keep in mind that if you change your check-in day to a day that is later in the week (for example, from Monday to Friday) your check-in period for that week may extend longer than 7 days. But, after your first check-in on the new check-in day the coach will go back to a 7-day check-in schedule.

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