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What are mini-cuts and how do I implement them?
What are mini-cuts and how do I implement them?
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What are mini-cuts?

A mini-cut typically lasts 3-6 weeks and occurs during a weight gain or reverse dieting goal. We don't recommend having a mini-cut last longer than 6 weeks. After this point, it pretty much turns into a regular cut. One thing that makes a mini-cut unique vs. a short-term regular weight loss phase is that mini-cuts tend to be more aggressive in terms of weekly weight loss. Since you are dieting for such a short period, you can more aggressively lower calories. This will allow you to lose weight faster each week without concern about lean body mass loss and metabolic adaptation.

Who Is a mini-cut for?

  1. You want to continue your weight gain goal to put on lean mass, but you've reached a body fat percentage you are not comfortable going over. ⁣

  2. You want to continue your reverse diet goal to increase your metabolism, but you've reached a body fat percentage that you are not comfortable going over.

  3. You don't like how the extra weight makes you feel in your day-to-day activities and life.⁣

  4. ⁣You are an athlete whose strength to weight ratio is important, such as in powerlifting.⁣

How to implement a mini-cut in carbon

⁣If you wish to complete a mini-cut in Carbon, we recommend changing your goal in the app to weight loss. To read our article on how to change your goal, click here.

When creating your weight loss goal for a mini-cut, it is ok to select a more aggressive weekly weight loss goal, such as toggling the slider near or all the way to the right. Please note that the more aggressive mini-cut, the lower the calories you will receive from the coach.

Once you have completed your mini-cut, simply switch your goal back to what it previously was and continue with your Carbon Journey!

Important: don't yo-yo

Unfortunately, we often see people who will look towards a mini-cut at the first sign of fat gain during a reverse diet or weight gain goal. Carbon members must know that it is normal to increase body fat during these goals. It is a necessary part of the process. If you consistently take yourself out of a reverse diet or weight gain goal to mini-cut, it can be easy to start yo-yo dieting and spin your wheels. We recommend sticking out reversing and weight gain for as long as possible to give yourself the best chance of either improving your metabolism or adding lean body mass.

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