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Third-party integrations
Third-party integrations
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Carbon currently supports third-party integrations with Apple Health.

โ€‹* Please note, you will only be able to enable Apple Health if you are on an iOS device.

Enabling integrations

To turn this integration, please visit Settings > Integrations > Apple Health to enable it. On the next screen, there will be a button that you can tap to "Allow access" if you haven't done so already. The app will prompt you to enable Apple Health permissions. If you don't enable them at this time, you can still enable them anytime by revisiting this screen. To manage the integration further, you can also open the third-party app and alter permissions there.

Once you enable syncing, Carbon will start syncing values from today moving forward. It will NOT sync historical values before you enabled the integration. If multiple values are pulled in from a third-party app on a given day, they will be averaged into a single value for that day.

What values are synced?

We are currently only syncing your weight and body fat values. Carbon is in read-only mode from these integrations and will not push any Carbon entered values into third-party apps. These values are used within Carbon and the coach as if you manually entered them into the app. Carbon will not sync body fat values if there is not an accompanying weight on that day. This is because we must always have a weight associated with a body fat value to calculate lean body mass.

* We would like to add more syncing capabilities in the future based on user demand.

If you are experiencing issues with values not syncing, please refer to this article to help troubleshoot:

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