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Third-party integrations are not syncing
Third-party integrations are not syncing
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Carbon will only sync directly with Apple Health. This means that if the value is not present in that app, it will not show up in Carbon. Please verify the value is present in Apple Health. If it's not, the integration between your fitness device and Apple Health is not working correctly. Please reach out to your fitness devices' support for help with syncing.

We are currently only syncing your weight and body fat values. Carbon will not sync body fat values if there is not an accompanying weight on that day. This is because we have to always have a weight associated with a body fat value to calculate lean body mass. Carbon is in read-only mode from these integrations and will not push any Carbon entered values into third-party apps. Values are only synced from the day you enabled the integration and moving forward. It will not sync historical values before you enabled the integration. If there are multiple values being pulled in from a third-party app on a given day, they will be averaged into a single value for that day.

If you experience any issues with third-party integrations, please first try to disable and re-enable the integration. You can do so by visiting Settings > Integrations and tapping into Apple Health. There will be a toggle on the following screen where you can disable and then re-enable the integration there. Once you disable and re-enable, please close the Carbon app completely and re-launch it for it to re-sync. If that didn't work, please disable and re-enable it from the third-party app by following the instructions listed on the same screen.

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