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Unfortunately, sometimes subscription issues arise that are outside of our control. Below are some of the common ones you may encounter and how we recommend fixing them.

Error message 1: subscribed on another account

If you already have an active subscription but it’s under a different account, the app may not be able to sense that. Please login to your other account or tap “Restore my subscription” to link this account if you want to use this account moving forward.

Error message 2: not allowed to purchase

There are certain settings in your store that prevent users from making in-app purchases. This is often a parental control that you can enable/disable. Please make sure you have these turned off and you are able to make in-app purchases.

Error message 3: payment pending

Sometimes the store will place a hold on your subscription if it suspects suspicious behavior. Please check to see if the purchase has been taken out of your account and you have received a purchase receipt from the store. If it's still pending, please follow the instructions provided by the store to complete your purchase.

Error message 4: already purchased

The app will not let you subscribe twice so it will prevent the purchase if it senses you already have an active subscription. You may need to tap the “Restore my subscription” button to sync it up with your device.

Error message 5: purchase not allowed

You don’t have a valid credit card in the App Store or Google Play Store. If the card on file in the store is expired, it will not let you make the purchase in Carbon. Please make sure this is updated and you are able to make purchases.

Error message 6: purchase is being blocked

You have ad blockers set up that prevent the purchase, Please make sure that you disable ad blockers when trying to subscribe to Carbon. Some requests to make a subscription are being blocked by these services. You will be able to turn these back on after your purchase. Some wifi networks have ad blockers and other services built in and it will prevent you from making the purchase in Carbon. Please disconnect from all wifi networks and try to make the purchase again using cellular data.

Error message 7: purchase error

If you are receiving this error message, please reach out to the store directly and they will be able to help. We are unable to see the specific reason you are having an error. The stores handle all of the billing and provide us limited information so it’s best to reach out to them directly.

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