One of the more common questions we get is, how do I know when I should stop reverse dieting? This question is unique to each person, but we will do our best to give you some direction when you are ready to make the change!

Has Carbon told you your metabolism is in a good place?

I have good news! Carbon will tell you when your calories are in a good place to end your reverse diet. If you haven't heard this from the coach yet, we recommend you keep going.

Are you seeing signs that you have maximized your metabolism?

You will only be able to get your maintenance calories so high. There will come the point where you start gaining weight linearly each week. If the coach has not increased your calories for 3-4 weeks in a row because you gain too much, this is a sign that you have maximized your metabolism and should switch goals.

Have your hunger levels normalized?

You calories may be higher on your reverse diet, but what's happening with your hunger cues? Be honest with yourself. Are you eating a comfortable amount of food, or do you still feel restricted? If you feel restricted, keep going.

Are you looking to keep building muscle?

If achieving your dream physique still requires more muscle, then what's the rush to diet again? Time spent on weight loss is time you could have spent reverse dieting or a gaining weight where you could be adding muscle. We recommend giving yourself at least six months out of a weight loss goal to build muscle.

Do you have a positive relationship with food?

If you are someone who has struggled with binge/emotional eating in the past and are still experiencing difficulties, perhaps you could spend time identifying the causes. If you find it hard to be on a reverse diet now, dieting will only make it harder. So keep going with your reverse until your relationship with food has improved.

If you decide it's time to change your goal, here's an article to help choose which is best for you.

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