Reverse dieting is probably the least intuitive goal that Carbon Diet Coach offers. In this article, we will explain:

  • What a reverse diet is

  • Who a reverse diet is for

What is a reverse diet?

The main purpose of a reverse diet is to improve your metabolism by putting your body in a slight calorie surplus which it can adapt to. You read that correctly, a slight calorie surplus. This small surplus will become your new maintenance calories as your body adapts until you reach a point where it can't.

Who is a reverse diet for?

The main reason someone selects a reverse diet as their goal is to build their maintenance calories.

Now you might be asking why you need to increase your maintenance calories first? Continual yo-yo dieting or being in a long-term calorie deficit can harm your metabolism to the point a reverse diet may be needed. This will correct your maintenance calorie levels before beginning a weight loss phase.

Starting a weight loss goal with higher calories is beneficial since regular calorie drops will happen. The higher your starting calories are, the better your position will be as your calories keep lowering, which is a more sustainable approach.

  • If you have a lot of weight to lose

  • You know that your maintenance calories are already on the high end

  • You are looking to gain at a rate higher than a reverse diet

  • You are comfortable with your current maintenance calories

Starting with a goal other than a reverse diet is suggested.

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