Before we get started, it's completely fine to stay on maintenance indefinitely. If you're happy with your maintenance calories and comfortable with your current weight, there's no need to change your goal. But if you think you are ready to change, here are some scenarios where you would want to change your goal.

  • You used the maintain weight goal setting to help the coach find your actual maintenance calories. (This usually takes 4+ compliant check-ins in a row). If the coach has done this, you can switch to your next goal.

  • You used the maintain weight goal to help you build healthy habits and consistency before moving on. If you are comfortable taking the next step, switch your goal.

  • You want to start losing weight. To do this, switch over to the weight loss goal and choose a sustainable rate of loss.

  • You want to improve your body composition. This is best done by focusing on losing weight and weight training, so choose the weight loss goal with a sustainable rate of loss.

  • You want to focus on building more muscle. To do this optimally, you should weight train and aim to gain weight slowly over time with the gain weight goal.

  • Your maintenance calories lower than you like and you want to improve your metabolism. This is best done by switching over to the reverse diet goal.

If you're still wondering what goal is right for you, here's an article to help, or you can reach out to our excellent support team by replying to this email.

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