We get a few common questions when someone is on this goal, so we wanted to give you the answers if you are wondering.

#1: If I lose weight, will the coach have me gain it back?

It depends. If you look at the coach tab, you will notice a weight range at the top. This is the "acceptable range" the coach will work to keep you within. If you fall outside of this range, the coach will adjust your macros to have you gain weight to get you back inside of it.

If you look at the image above, you will see the lowest weight allowed without a macro adjustment would be 148.9 lbs. Please keep in mind, the coach is looking at your average weights and not individual scale weights here.

#2: Can I update my maintenance weight without switching my goal?

Some people are happy with losing a little weight if it happens and they don't want the coach to make them gain it back. If that's the case, you would need to create a new maintain weight goal at your new weight. Then, the coach will work to keep you within the new acceptable range.

Doing this is not switching your goal. It's just creating a new one because maintaining a new weight is a new goal!

#3: Why does my maintenance average differ from my actual recommended targets?

The maintenance calories shown on the "Me" tab is a number estimated by looking at your check-ins and seeing how your body responds to the target macros. It's often different than the maintain weight goal macro targets the coach gives you.

Why is this? Carbon doesn't use estimated maintenance for your weekly macro adjustments because it's pretty variable and should be used as a long-term measurement. Over time, you will notice the calories the coach gives you and the estimated maintenance number getting closer and closer together

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