Here are 4 scenarios to help identify when it's a good time to change your goal.

Scenario 1: your body fat is creeping up

Committing to weight gain means you understand that you will put on body fat. With that said, there will certainly be a point that you are unwilling to go past. This point will be different for everyone, so change your goal once you reach the top end of body fat that you are comfortable with.

Scenario 2: you are struggling to reach your calories

There’s no way around it - to gain weight, you need to increase your calorie intake and at some point, you may struggle to eat enough.

What are some signs that you have reached that point?

  • You might be eating so often that it feels like your full-time job

  • You wake up having no desire to eat

If this is your current situation, transitioning to maintenance may be a good idea. It will drop your calories a bit and give you a mental break from the high calories you've been consuming.

Scenario 3: life is getting in the way

If you're on a weight gain goal for the sole reason of building muscle, you will need to dedicate a significant amount of time and commitment to reaching that goal. Most of this time will involve you being at the gym and can interfere with life.

Have your job requirements changed, requiring longer workdays?

Do your kids have sports events most evenings, getting in the way of making it to the gym?

If this is you, transitioning to maintenance may be a good idea. When life settles down a bit, you can jump back into a weight gain goal and focus on building muscle.

Scenario 4: you hit your target weight

You did it! You set a goal and achieved it. At this point, you have two options:

  1. Stay on a weight gain goal and set a new goal weight

  2. Change your goal

If you decide it's time to change your goal, here's an article to help choose which is best for you.

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